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Services and Fees

We are confident our fees are very reasonable and matched with quality service. We encourage you to compare us with other services before committing to such an important adventure.

Genealogy Research:

We will search the available record depositories for your Italian ancestors. We will provide a family tree, a detailed report of our research and digital copies of any applicable records we are able to locate. We recommend six hours to start, as that will give us a chance to find records and piece information together for a family lineage. We will work with you and you make the decision on how much research you want completed.


 Hourly rate: $45 US    

 Genealogy search, recommended minimum: $270 US


Ancestry Tree Review: 

We will review your online family tree for possible inconsistencies and recommend what resources are available to document and confirm your Italian Ancestry.

$150 US


Payment Details:


We would request a deposit to confirm your interest and payments can be made to us via PayPal or by check to our US mailing address. We will   send you an itemized invoice with payment options.

Once you have the invoice, you can also make a payment via credit card:

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