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To know more about your ancestry is to know more about yourself and your family. Why do you celebrate the holidays the way you do and enjoy certain traditions? Your ancestry can help to answer these questions.

  • Are you just beginning your ancestry discovery journey?   We can help

  • Have you already researched some of your Italian ancestry and need help to expand and extend your family tree?   We can help

  • Have you created a family tree on one of the online websites from “shared” trees and want to confirm what you have with actual Italian civil records?  We can help


We provide Italian genealogy research services to help you to learn more about your family. How can we help you?

My Ancestral Italy can help you learn more about Your Ancestral Italy!

We will put together a research package to fit your needs

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We have extensive experience in genealogy research and we are members of the Association of Professional Genealogists.


Our in-Italy availability, Italian language skills, and local knowledge are great assets to you!

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